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Love Dropbox? Us too!

Wish it was easier to work with multiple Dropbox Accounts?

Us too!

Even superheroes need a power-up from time to time – especially those with multiple Dropbox accounts

They say too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. And, if you are like us and have multiple Dropbox accounts, you can probably attest to that.

On their own, each account is a simple way to organize and segregate the different spheres of your life, however, with more accounts, come the struggles.

For instance, it becomes really difficult to keep track of which file(s) are where. This translates into a bigger problem when one has to share files on the go with other people, as it means switching between all of your Dropbox accounts (and trying to remember all the passwords!) before you arrive at the right one.

And, after you login to the correct Dropbox account, how long does it take you to find the file(s) you are hunting for? We feel your pain fellow multiple Dropbox account friend. That’s why we created Qloud+.


What is Qloud+ and how will it help me manage my multiple Dropbox accounts?



Think of Qloud+ as the Alfred to your Batman or Bruce Wayne (I imagine they have multiple Dropbox accounts for Alfred to manage Wayne Manor and Wayne Enterprises!).

Once you connect all the different accounts to Qloud+, you’re good to go.

Oh, and Qloud+ allows you to connect as many cloud storage accounts as you have from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Next, we’ll do all the looking right after you connect so you can get on with your day.



Qloud+ powers your search up so you quickly search for the file you need, narrow it down with the filters you need and get to it in record time.

I know right!  Amazing.

Is it a PDF or Word Document? A spreadsheet or presentation? Whatever you need, you can find it faster with Qloud+.

Qloud+ Search includes awesome filters to let you get right to the kind of file, date you edited it, or even if it was shared with you by another user, in just a few simple clicks.


Organize Without the Effort

Ok, so you have multiple Dropbox accounts, it’s been a hassle to keep the Batcave clean and tidy right?  Well, Qloud+ Activities provide you with superhero powers like the man himself, so you can get more done and get on with it faster, whatever it is (and it’s not looking for files!).

Build a Qloud+ Collection with files or folders from any connected account together in one easy to access place (without having to move the files!).  Holy organization Batman!





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Multiple Dropbox Accounts – Qloud+ saves the day!

Instead of choosing between which account to login to, or where a file was saved, use Qloud+ and let us worry about all that stuff. We got this, you do your crime-fighter at night billionaire by day thing!

Want to #FindYourFilesFaster?

Sign-up for Qloud+ now and start out our time-saving awesomeness to work for you!