Connect to as many cloud storage accounts as you want. Choose from the most popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.


Spend less time looking and more time finding with easy search tools. Access your recent files, uploads, shares, favorites, all at a glance.


Qloud+ Activities provide you with superhero powers, so you can get more done and get on with it faster, whatever it is (and it’s not looking for files!).

Q is the new C

Hi, nice to meet you! We’re Qloud+. No, not Q-Loud, we prefer QloudPlus (or, Cloud Plus), if you please.

Smarter File

Introducing Qloud+ (pronounced Cloud Plus): Find your files faster. Connect and find your cloud storage accounts in one place. Manage and organize your files without moving them. Do more in record time with Qloud+ Activities and get on with what you really need to do (which isn’t looking for your files!).


Qloud+ allows you to connect as many cloud storage accounts as you have all in one place. Choose from the most popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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Use the powerful Hub, Search, and Filters features in Qloud+ to find your files faster. Spend less time looking for the files you need and more time doing what you need to do.

#FIndYourFilesFaster NOW!

Do More

Get more done in less time thanks to Qloud+ Activities. Take action with suggestions on how to better organize your files, save space, find your files faster, and get more done with just one click.



  • Hub

    Qloud+ Hub has the latest information on your files, your shared items, and what Qloud+ Activities are available to help you save time.

  • Organize

    Effortlessly create Collections of files and folders from any connected storage account, even if it was only shared with you.

  • Share

    Easily share files and folders with colleagues from any connected storage account. And, with Qloud+ you’ll never have to guess which files are shared anymore.

QloudPlus | Find Your Files Faster
  • Search

    Quickly find any file across any connected storage account and save your searches to run them again in a flash.

  • Filter

    Don’t spend any more time scrolling through screens of files. Quickly filter your views based on type of file, date modified, owners, and location.

  • Works Where You Do

    No need to migrate all of your files from where they are currently stored in the cloud, just connect to Qloud+ on the device of your choice, and get started.

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